Narayan ! Narayan !

The air is full of stinginess and everybody’s breathing it.

Bearing peacock feather on the crown and blessing the flute by his lips, Krishna is the redeemer of this modern era sin world.

Centerpiece of Indian history/mythology, savior in epic Mahabharata; Krishna is the Lord of finesse diplomacy and immense love which knows no boundaries.

In the times when people put their feet on one’s shoulder to rise high, the day of birth of Krishna witnesses everybody fighting to come forward to be stepped over, to be just a mere shoulder to crushed on in order to reach to his grace.

Cultism, it is. Devotion, if you seek.

Celebration and exuberance.

Once found, you shall never come back.

Jodhpur city, India.



4 thoughts on “Narayan ! Narayan !

  1. That’s a very interesting event. You described it little but in full details coupled with your pictures with smiling faces and such traditional embracing. Awesome, awesome post!

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