Unmoor the ferries !

Ferries – Above those deep water bodies and under that endless sky.

Porting hopeful people, navigating through strong currents and seafaring to unknown shores of both, dreams and disappointments.

Day in-night out, they embark upon raw quest and fate. Not only of their own but as for masses.

An edification, a satori. That inevitable mighty circle.

Ferry is a simile. A simile for life.

Cruise above those impregnable resisting waves, live under that heavenly field of stars.

Surmount and sweep over the odds, intentionally deployed to test your fire within, to become the bearer of light and be what your will’s worth for.

“Ferries” are not to be tied to cables and ropes but to let voyage.

I’m glad, safe harbors aren’t safe anymore.

Sail instead !

At Thuan An beach, Vietnam



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