Pallavi + Vaibhav

January, the first month of a new year.
The month full of resolutions, desire, vigor and opportunities.

When you know, the knots of your life are tied in this month for the rest of your existence, the feeling is ineffable.
Love was so vivid that one could see it transcending from their first look at each other to all forms – smile, merriment, vibrant colors, music and dance.

It was an early age for them but it was to the beautiful bride that the cupid struck first.
Not far away, the sensation of losing heart to one, falling for someone and not having complete command on daily chores were about to follow from the groom’s part.

After four and a half years of utmost love, immense faith, unquestionable loyalty, testing societies and hefty amount of struggle, one of the torch bearers of modern love got happily married on 21st January, 2014.

All we hope and wish is whenever we seek, we find those cupid arrows still been struck.

Much love.

In Jodhpur, India.

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6 thoughts on “Pallavi + Vaibhav

  1. Dese pictures are absolutely Beautiful, Better den nythng, uh did a Fabulous Job of capturing our wedding Moments nd our love for each other. We were very happy Wid d pictures, Keep up d great work Yash !! 😊

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