Sharon Heart Govind

Midst the picturesque Aravali mountains, holy lake curled with 52 ghats and the most prominent Brahma temple rooted in its history; the drama-driven love story of Sharon and Govind was to be found nowhere but Pushkar.

Not often you find yourself in a lot of Rajasthani Rajputs and South Indian Catholics, all a bit clueless, a pinch anxious and clearly reserved with the baggage of their culture differences and lifestyles.

I loved it, knowing soon all that was to be transformed and tapped off with the beats of music, swaying arms and thumping feet, for laughter and excitement will make themselves sound.

A wonderful sight, when you see the doubts and fears vanishing in the thick-stubborn air of love, the twitching brows-forehead wrinkles turning into glittering ear-to-ear smiles and hearts elevated by the warmth, commitment and persistence couple had backed by the unfathomable love and support friends displayed in every step they took.

When you know it’s right, you’ve to work and labour for it. No great things come easy in life, in this matter their existence together.

From dreary tough times to the fields of sunny clouds, from massive disagreements to noblest reunions, from ceasing up to breathing together; Pushkar has always been symbolic.

After four and a half years of theatre of love, absurdity, naivety and what not, they decided to define once and for all – Tie the knot, go in circles, utter “I do” – Voila ! Married.

From where I stood, I couldn’t see nothing but celebrations soaring above all, happiness beneath everything, each sigh sounded intimacy from hue of a sunrise to the stars lit in the night.

Father above the vast sky showers his blessings,
Not only assets on paper and money in wallet,
Or jewels on a body and crowns on head,
Love in the eyes and good sense on shoulders,
Bends four-walled house into wide open earth of heaven.

Run. Roll. Live.
For ‘Glory’ will be born.

Govind Heart Sharon.
In Pushkar, Rajasthan.



2 thoughts on “Sharon Heart Govind

  1. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All love and happiness to you both!
    In Pushkar!!!! The amazing city!

    Lots and lots of love!!!!!!

    Sharon, your mendhi and Sari are amazing!!!!!!

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