Gabi – Rich and Famous

An eight-year-old girl watched and remembered glimpses of Indian soap opera one day and instilled a bizarre fantasy to travel to the east, to that magic land of India.

Gabriela Mello; from Brasil, Belo Horizonte did put her feet on the land of exotics for the first time after 17 years of wait. Fantasy back then, had grew and nurtured as a dream of life over the years.

On 3rd January, 2014 she had the foremost pleasure of embracing the land of her dreams, soil of cows and gods, sniff and inhale the typical fragrance of air which many are cynical about. But not her, she left her native shores for all this.

An Ayurvedic therapist and lovely rock-climbing teacher, she went to South India for one month to pursue her studies in Ayurveda furthermore.

After finishing up the course, she planned to travel and here I was all geared up with travel plans and camera to do justice to her aspiration.

From desert to water bodies, from monumental forts to the epitome symbol of love, from temples to the street of monkeys; the girl is as crazy as she might be when she was 8.

A care-free and humble spirit, hope when she’s old and her grandchildren stumble upon the quests of her Vó, even they get inspired and show her these to bring a wrinkled smile on her face believing that indeed dreams come true, one shall just not give in.

For the infinite memories and laughs forever.

In India.


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