Shivika = Gaurav

I wondered on the wedding night, what would it be like for a father to have his birthday and daughter’s wedding to fall on the very same day.

Birthday, he’s been celebrating for more than five decades; of which more than two have been spent and felt by the presence of his own ‘little princess doll’.
Apparently, not anymore. Life is bittersweet but what would it be if it wasn’t for the same, it’s that magic potion.

This day, an inevitable in a father’s life is perhaps self assuring. You don’t give away a daughter, you just take a back seat and let the rest flash by through a window.

On the other hand, the ‘soon-to-be-wife’ daughter-bride has got her whole life ready to blossom up and shine.

In one of the most amorous city; on the hour of sunset, beautiful silver-lining lake in the background, she hears the band and drums thumping, younger girls giggling and running through the corridors, she awaits and anticipates for her groom to come ride the horse, marry her and take away all the love and reverence she’s been holding for one day to unfold.

Nervousness and excitement, being afraid and still peeking through the window, being gracefully shy and yet looking to steal a glance; one could see the unaccountable emotions of a bride channeling within.

On upon asking by a friend for any future message for her ‘moments-away-husband’, the bride sums it up by giving the most typical Rajasthani-Marwari reaction –

‘Am I not enough to have ? I am the only future, who bothers the message !’ and chuckled hysterically.
The whole room chirps and bursts with laughter with a duly sense of wishing them the best and all the happiness to stumble upon.

Blessings and memories forever !

In Udaipur, India.


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